My creative practice explores through the combination of experimental photographic processes, constructed paper graphics and artists’ books the narrative links that bind intimate spaces and memory together. A primary theme in much of my work involves home as a concept and its contribution to the construction of personal and collective memory. I investigate primarily through paper how its delicate yet durable materiality creates a structure through which visualization of space adopts a narrative. As an artist and designer, my goal is to facilitate a meaningful dialogue focused our collective experience–to initiate self-reflection and to leave the viewer with something deeper than they expected. Through process, practice and inquiry a conversation develops.

Dr Pamela Salen

Pamela is a lecturer in Communication Design at Monash University. She holds an AAS, BFA and PhD in visual communication. Pamela’s research interests focus on home and relations between visual and linguistic representation, memory and reminiscence, loss and modes of preservation and transformation, distance and proximity, and autobiography and auto-ethnography.